Wild Arctic cod liver oil

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produced by traditional methods, without thermal and chemical processing

Manufacturers who have revived the traditional method of preparing cod liver oil have restored the honor to this historically revered food, primarily used for young children in development, as well as for pregnant and nursing women, patients, and all those whose bodies are subjected to special exertions.

Only liver from wild Arctic cod from pristine seas is used as a raw material. This allows for a high concentration of fat-soluble vitamins and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, their favorable ratio, high bioavailability, and extremely low levels of contamination, eliminating the need for complex technological processes that would affect nutrient content. The fish used for these oils are sourced following the principles of sustainable fishing. The production of these oils does not disturb the natural balance of the fauna.

The natural taste, aroma, and color are closely linked to the nutrient content and product stability. These oils provide a complete experience of RAW quality valued by raw food enthusiasts, and due to smaller production batches, they undergo more frequent testing for heavy metals and other contaminants. No synthetic nutrients are added. This is the quality that stands behind the higher price of the oil.. 

The natural ratio of vitamin D to vitamin A  remains within the range of 1:5 - 1:10, ensuring good absorption of these important vitamins without the risk of overdosing.

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Green Pasture products (USA)

With over twenty years in the market, Green Pasture is one of the few manufacturers that adhere to a traditional, non-aggressive, and gentle production process. Cod liver oil is obtained through lacto-fermentation of cod liver, preserving the valuable nutrients found in cod liver oil, skate liver oil, butter oil, and more.

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Rosita Realfoods products (Norway)

Rosita offers valuable products obtained through a non-aggressive traditional process that does not involve fermentation. This makes them indispensable for those who cannot tolerate fermented products or are sensitive to histamine-rich foods  yet do not want to compromise on nutrient richness. 

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