Argan ulje 30ml

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99,90 kn

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Argan ulje iz Maroka 30ml

Bottega Verde


In the place where nature is particularly unrelenting, where the wind blows and the landscape consists of sand and sunshine, grows a precious treasure: for centuries it has been the beauty secret of the women living in this harsh yet intriguing region, abounding in magical tales. The secret is Argania Spinosa, an ancient tree which grows spontaneously, but only at the edge of the desert in south-west Morocco. The fruit of these age-old trees is processed for at least two days, to produce an oil which is extremely precious and rare: every hundred kilos of fruit yields just one litre of oil! Argan Oil, often called ¿Desert gold¿ on account of its extraordinary and precious properties, not only lends a distinctive and unique flavour to traditional Berber cooking, but also offers exceptional nourishing, moisturising, protective and repairing benefits. The local women, up to now the sole guardians of its extraordinary powers and the only people involved in its processing, have been using it for centuries as protection against the harsh effects of wind and sand; it is also gentle enough to be massaged into the delicate skin of their children, who benefit from its effective soothing properties.

Argan Oil, or "Desert gold¿, is a precious and rare beauty secret which for centuries has been closely guarded by the Berber women living on the edge of the Moroccan desert. Its properties are entirely extraordinary and unique: it is rich in Vitamins E, A and F, combating free radicals and acting as an antioxidant. It also offers valuable moisturising, softening, nourishing, protective and anti-wrinkle action: it is the perfect all-round beauty treatment! This non-greasy, instantly absorbed product is suitable for all skin types and produces immediate results: after it is massaged over the face, skin is brighter, softer and more velvety, and its youthful radiance is preserved; it offers nourishing and strengthening action when distributed evenly throughout the hair (before or after blow-drying), leaving it silky-soft and shiny; it strengthens nails; and when smoothed over the most neglected areas of the body, it enhances elasticity and provides extra nourishment. Argan: an exotic beauty elixir!

Hair/Skin:for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Actions:Enhances elasticity, nourishes, protects and offers anti-ageing action.

Direction for use:- Body: massage into the areas which need it most after bathing or showering. - Face: apply directly to the face, concentrating on the areas in which small wrinkles are forming, and massage gently to encourage absorption. Alternatively, mix with your usual moisturising cream. - Hair: massage into the ends, concentrating on the areas in which most damage has occurred. It may be applied to wet or dry hair. - Body: massage into the areas which need it most after bathing or showering. - Nails: massage into brittle nails.


Suggestions:Recommended as a treatment to maintain skin elasticity and preserve its youthful appearance.

Characteristic:Argan Oil, rich in Vitamins A and E and the essential fatty acids required for healthy skin.


Application Area:Face, body, hair, nails.

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